Montreal’s Urban Sustainability

This exercise is not only about students learning about Montreal’s urban sustainability, but also about helping the whole of Montreal understand urban sustainability and what it means in a local context. For instance, how many Montreal residents have read and understand the complexities involved within Montreal’s Community Sustainable Development Plan 2010-2015?

Students have a lot of freedom to write as best seen fit; however, basic guidelines were followed to ensure at least a consistent baseline of information is provided. For each chosen urban sustainability theme, students will attempt to address the following points:

  1. Provide a synthesis of the theme (ie. global definition(s), theories, experts, seminal literature, and metrics of the theme).
  2. Describe the current context situation in Montreal. What is the city doing about the theme? How is it addressed in the sustainable management plan? What is the current level(s) of the theme in Montreal? How does Montreal compare to other cities?
  3. Provide a list of the good examples of best practices of your theme in terms of actual people and organizations in Montreal (please include contact names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, etc.).
  4. Contact these sources to discover what some of the major difficulties are and lessons learned or involved in sustainably planning/managing your theme?
  5. Ask these sources to identify what are some things they would need to make Montreal more sustainable in the future. Examples of these things could be city policy changes, tax breaks, financial incentives, increased public awareness, improved education, etc.
  6. Ask these sources to identify other sources of interest.
  7. Think of the audience as a highly motivated and educated citizen in Montreal that wants to quickly learn the fundamentals of theme globally, see how Montreal fits in, and then see concrete examples of what (and who and where) is happening in Montreal.

Themes to be addressed:

Urban transportation

Urban housing/green buildings

Urban forestry/green space

Urban agriculture

Waste management


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