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Dr. Julia Freeman

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  1. Rick Shousha says:

    Hello Julia,

    I have an idea you might be able to run with in relation to urban agriculture. There are many large buildings in Montreal that have become obsolete because of the exodus of manufacturing, specifically textile manufacturing, from Montreal. These large buildings would make ideal spaces for hydroponic farms. Here’s why:

    The buildings are between 40,000 and 100,000 square feet per floor. Some are up to fourteeen stories tall. They are built to support machinery and production facilities. In fact, they can support 100% coverage of brick, floor to ceiing. They are built of reinforced concrete.

    They are, surprisingly, a block away from the Marche Centrale.

    We have cheap water and electricity in this province. Those buildings already have the electrical and water supply infrastructure needed for large-scale hydroponics. The ceilings are ten feet high; just the right height for lighting systems.

    The elevator infrastructure is too small for current manufacturing practice, where goods come and go on a daily basis. However, food production does not need elevator space on a daily basis.

    I’m sure you can put together more ideas for these buildings. Oh, did I mention they are empty and obsolete?

    There are some in the Chabanel area but there are also a few on De Gaspe and St, Dominique further towards downtown.

    Best regards,

    Rick Shousha

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