About MUSE

Montreal’s Urban Sustainability Experience (MUSE) is a summer field semester based on the island of Montreal. MUSE focuses on exploring and establishing aspects of urban sustainability while emphasizing a healthy balance of theoretical and practical knowledge. By encouraging student-driven learning, MUSE creates a learning environment with a high level of engagement amongst students, professors, and the local community. MUSE students help create a hands-on, integrated, and interdisciplinary learning experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional undergraduate education.

The MUSE field semester facilitates student initiatives to create positive change within Montreal communities, changes that can be adapted and expanded in other communities. We use Montreal as a case-study of an urban environment striving to identify and implement  pathways for sustainable living. Students will benefit from joining with community members and stakeholders to deepen their learning, and helping themselves and others to achieve sustainability goals.

The field semester is directly relevant to the MSE’s aim of “Aiding society in making environmental choices, in the context of diverse environmental world views that will sustain healthy societies within a flourishing biosphere.” Opportunities for experiential learning in non-traditional settings are also a priority for McGill undergraduates.


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